How can one attain the blessings of Shiva?

The only way to attain blessings of Shiva is, be good and do good ( live according to Dharma) As Lord Krishna said in Bhagavadgita, “ do your karma without anticipating the end result, since you have control over the result… but, this should not stop you , from doing your karma “.

Shiva did not set any rules for His worship. Shiva wants your love and nothing else from you.

  • Foremost, love Shiva and surrender to Him completely.
  • Have control over your 6 avgun (Kaama, Krodha, moha, lobha, madha and Matsaryam, the 6 enemies within us , which cause hindrance for us to reach Shiva .
  • Don't expect any materialistic things from Shiva, then you would get Shiva himself.
  • Treat everyone ( all living beings ) equally.
  • Help the needy , If you are not able to help anyone , it's fine, but never hurt anyone ( physically or mentally).
  • Chant the Panchakshari mantra “ Namah Shivaaya “ or just Shiva.
  • You have to pray Shiva with love ( from your Chitt / soul / mind / thoughts)
  • Realise that your chitt ( soul ) is Shiva. Chidananda roopah shivoham shivoham.
  • Never waste any resources.
  • Ask Shiva for his forgiveness, for all the sins you have done , knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Treat Shiva as your best friend / guru / Jagatpitrau Vande Parvathi Parameshwaram.
  • If possible , do Abhisekham to Shiva on Mondays in your home ( for our antharkarana suddhi ).
  • Stop using filthy language.. two lines from Bilvashtakam, “ moolatho Brahma roopaya, Madhya Vishnu roopine, agratha Shiva roopaya, Eka Bilvam Shivarpanam! ! This means that , in our moolah (center, navel) is Lord Brahma, in the middle is Lord Vishnu and up in your throat is Shiva. Whenever you speak offensive language , those words have to pass through Shiva, who is residing in your throat, and Shiva can't listen to such words , so He would leave your body and go away. .. when Shiva leaves your body , you may be alive, but you are no more human, since you are a demon ! ( this is my interpretation of Bilvashtakam )
  • You would have blessings and support of Shiva , upto the day , you live according to Dharma, the minute that is breached , you would lose Shiva, same as in the case of Ravana.
  • So, our devotion should be selfless like that of Nandi and not like Ravana!
  • Daily do meditation for few minutes , since it's the best way to connect to your inner_self ( God )
  • We suffer because of our deeds or karma, but Shiva's blessings make our sufferings bit easy , since Shiva never gives up on His devotees. Shiva becomes the strength and support for us.
  • With utmost devotion , there are devotees like Bhaktha Markendeya and Sati Savitri, who were able to overcome their Karma because of Shiva. Since Shiva, the untouched , who is beyond the 3 karmas, can help his devotees overcome these 3 karmas and thus attain Moksha !

Om namah Shivaaya :)